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  1. F1LS MoNsTeR|ak

    AFK Button

    im not afk often but you just see trucks parked along the side of the road and it does block traffice something!!
  2. F1LS MoNsTeR|ak

    AFK Button

    Suggestion Name: AFK button Suggestion Description: To have a button in game for any trucks that are afk so they ghost in game or you get added to the queue instead of being kicked from the server Any example images: nope but i would suggest it to be placed somewhere when you tab Why should it be added?: When you drive in ets2mp and atsmp you see lots of trucks parked at the side of road and must of the time theses get kicked and will have to reconnect so just make it easier and add them to a queue and when they hit the afk button when they arent afk they will rejoin the server
  3. F1LS MoNsTeR|ak

    EU and US Servers kick me for high ping... connection fine!

    Well he could be kicked because OF ddos attacks! And is there any way of escaping theses attacks as I have the same problem as him?
  4. F1LS MoNsTeR|ak

    steam_api.dll reinstall game

    yes full version adn i have activated through steam
  5. F1LS MoNsTeR|ak

    steam_api.dll reinstall game

    Guys I have already tried admin and it still hasn't worked and I have a disc
  6. F1LS MoNsTeR|ak

    steam_api.dll reinstall game

    i did that and it still doesnt work