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  1. HI I started using 3 monitor setup for ets2. in SP it works ok. In MP - I get only to login.. then its all black.. any help? Thanks edit: solved.. switchet back to full HD and when in game on server back to 6K
  2. HI why this project always require on newest version of game? Its sad that MP requre when VR supported version is 1.27.2.something-s I mean its almost same version.. just added VR support so why it cant be supported by you guys? Thanks
  3. well i took 3 hour nap and expecting it will be working So still nothing? ;D edit im just trolling ofc.. you guys doing good things. without you ets2/ats will be dead
  4. Damn,.. I was expecting MP will working instantly and automatically because open beta :DDDD dumb me.
  5. nvm. just got it, it can be set in settings. jB - i bought 3rd monitor and nvidia surround give me only some lowres resolution, so I need use SoftTTH which use dx9. Problem is.. even softTTH does not work ok with ATS.. i have ingame image only on left monitor........ weird
  6. Hi How to force ATS to run in DX9 with MP? Normally ATS can be forced with -rdevice dx9 but MP ignores this my setting in Steam. Thanks
  7. Thanks that helped I also had another problem.. when I set to 100% opacity, whenever I want move window my mouse get stuck and cannot get free again. so I was not able to get on that buttons but after restart it helped.. mouse was free and I was able to get down on that hidden buttons
  8. hi in ATS, I set tab windows complete see trough, but then settings button disappeared.. I also cant use mouse. when I tab and right click. it just move window nothing else. cant free it. Restart does not help Thanks screen http://i.imgur.com/emBduwO.jpg
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