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  1. :)Trying to start a VTC myself, but having to wait for a ts3free channel in TS so I can do the clan. and Let younger people in but give them rules. I.E: do not ram, do not spam horn, do not run stop lights in game. Stuff like that. that is my opinion.
  2. I am sorry if I did and I will never let it happen again
  3. I am so sorry if I did ram, I am sorry and it will never happen again.
  4. Do I stay banned even when servers are repaired or do I get unbanned, I am sorry for this again. Aster
  5. I didn't ram!!!! I told JM that, I still am banned. it isn't fair that I get banned for no reason
  6. I<3VODKA can unban me, he is community manager. or I can just create a new account to get this over with! THANKS ASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. like I said, it was lag. I didn't know I had rammed you because I NEVER RAMMED YOU!. ( its lags fault because Rotterdam is so full! ( why don't amsterdamers go to Amsterdam and rotterdamers go to Rotterdam. ) and then just drive straight by if needed to EUPort or Brussel. Thanks Aster
  8. I rammed you? no I didn't I didn't ram you or anything, I was at europoort way after I could have rammed you I am sorry if I did ram you. please unban me as I didn't do anything and was in EUport Thanks Aster
  9. banned again for no reason, ( lag caused this in Rotterdam ) This no reason banning needs to stop
  10. I was banned for no reason, here is the reason i was banned for: Ramming, but i did not ram, i just turned around a bend and i did not know it and clocked someones mirror. and that is how i got banned, ( please unban me as it does not give damage to other trucks ) thanks, Aster
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