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  1. Suggestion Name: Respawn player truck and trailer Suggestion Description: Implement possibility to respawn player truck and trailer on road (with automatic disconnecting from server). How it will work: 1) you press "Respawn" button or use a chat command; 2) automatic disconnecting from server; 3) player truck and trailer respawnd on road. If all is OK - you restart game with connecting to server again. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: When you playing with your friends, you're using a WoTr contracts for delivery the same cargoes with your friend. In this case, go to a truck service will cancel your cargo. After wrong actions from your side or car accident, when you'll stuck on bump stop or tipped over on its side, this feature can save WoTr cargo.
  2. Suggestion Name: Self disconnecting from server Suggestion Description: Implement possibility to dissconnect from server by ourself. It can be as button on tab menu with confirmation. In example, if player want disconnecting from server, he open tab menu and press "Disconnect" button. After that he receive a confirmation request, like, "Are you sure to want disconnecting from server?" and 2 buttons: Yes and No(or Cancel). If player push YES - he'll disconnecting from server. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Sometimes players can be in situation, when they need only disconnecting from server instead of restarting game. In example, stack on hiway in bumps or tipped over on its side after hitting from other players. Disconnecting feature can save a some time, that can be better in case, when this player was in conwoy and other players will wait him.
  3. Думаю лучше все же не Вольво Тракс, а Volvo Trucks. Это название компании
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