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  1. In single-player mode, the game's traffic system poses certain challenges for drivers, which can be easy to overcome. In multiplayer mode, players need to be prepared against multiple threats. Therefore, it can introduce a special reward system for tasks performed online.

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  2. I don't know if the Duisbur-Calais road is used so actively in real life, but what makes this road so popular among people is that it is a single-lane road. The same type of roads are found in different places on the map. If this road changes completely and loses its former popularity, I think all players should visit the Scandinavian roads.


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  3. Merhaba Umarım Günün güzel geçiyordur


    Sorun hakkında tmp kuralları böyle :



    §2.8 - Yasaklar nasıl verilir?

    • İlk üç yasaklama ekip üyesinin inisiyatifindedir.
    • Dördüncü yasaklama otuz gün olarak uygulanır.
    • Beşinci yasaklama doksan gün olarak uygulanır.


    Yeni yasaklamanın uygulandığı tarihten 12 ay eski olan yasaklar dikkate alınmaz, bu 12 aylık süre yasak bekleme süresidir. Yasaklama uzatmaları, yasaklama uygulanırken aktif olan yasaklara (12 aydan daha az) dayanarak yapılır ve yasak hala aktif iken 12 aylık süreyi geçerse değişmez. Yasak geçmişinizde en az iki aktif uzatılmış yasağınız varsa, personel, geçen yıl kaç kez yasaklanmış olursanız olun, bir sonraki yasağınızı doksan günlük bir yasaklama olarak uzatacaktır. 4. veya 5. yasağınız olduğu için uzatılan yasaklar kaldırılamaz, kesinlikle otuz gün ve doksan gün süre şeklinde uygulanır.


    §2.9 - Game Moderation Management tarafından uygulanan yasaklar

    • Eğer Game Moderation Management bir kullanıcının TruckersMP'ye yalnızca kuralları ihlal etmek amacıyla katıldığını düşünürse, "§2.8 Yasaklar nasıl verilir?" ifadesi atlanabilir ve yasak süresi Game Moderation Management'in takdirinde olacaktır. Hizmet Şartlarımıza uygun olarak, Takım üyelerinin raporlarda gönderilen kanıtları yeniden kullanmasına izin verilir. Bazı özel durumlarda, Game Moderation Management, yasaklanan oyuncuyu inceledikten sonra yasaklama kanıtlarını gizli tutma hakkını saklı tutar


    Umarım Yardımcı olabilmişimdir. 


    Polar Bear Group HR I 'MaRtY

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  4. It should be applied in the same way as seasonal modifications are.  Players who are not interested should continue to use the simulator in its current form. Interested players can download a VTC skin mod that includes all certified VTC skins.

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  5. In some special events, tmp can do this. Therefore, such trailers can be given to donors in return for a certain donation amount. Of course, it is an important issue here that it does not affect the gameplay of other players in the game.

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  6. 15 minutes ago, ELDEST said:

    Calais - Duiburg The more interesting things I keep saying the more they happen to me.

    It is possible to see everything on that route, including flying cars hahahahha:LUL:

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  7. The fact that the number of reports seems low may seem to be a problem. However, setting a limited number of report creation times is important to prevent players from creating unnecessary reports.

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  8. Your suggestion is good, but I think having 2 arms may cause increased traffic at entrances and exits. That's why I think there should be a single, larger parking area, and of course, the connection roads at the exit should be designed and developed according to the number of users here.

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  9. It may be in use at some hours, but I think it is more important that the drivers enjoy it, not that the route is used intensively, and I think this is one of the beautiful routes on the map.


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  10. I think that the vehicle is not problematic, its driving mechanism and acceleration power are challenging for some players. However, removing a vehicle from the game for a certain period of time does not solve this problem. It would be more reasonable to replace these with a regulation for the vehicle.

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