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  1. I don't think real drivers actually use all 12 gears, they skip some.
  2. what kind of hacks are the speed mods? more engine power?I have never seen anyone do more than 180 km/h before in game
  3. Are Allison transmissions really common in European trucks? I'd imagine its mostly ZF, Volvo and Scania transmissions.
  4. anyway to disable steerable axles for more challenge?
  5. any1 know how to view the fuel capacity for all the chassis? before this update, that would be listed, but now, it isnt.
  6. ws353

    best server?

    Whatever has the most people. It always feels lonely anywhere outside of europoort and calais/duisburg roads. Also trolls are presumably asleep at the times I sometimes am online, 9-12 ish pm et
  7. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Driving Force GT Description of Issue: Speed limiter is stuck at 110 km/h, cannot set it at 90km/h. When I look into gameplay options, it appears to be checked but truck is still limited to 110 km/h. When I uncheck the truck speed limiter it, go to another menu and return to gameplay options it appears checked again. How to reproduce: Look at truck speed limiter, uncheck it, go to another menu like graphics, return to gameplay, see that it is still checked. Drive a truck and see that it is limited to 110 km/h, not 90 Screenshots / Videos: N/A
  8. Is there anyway to mod a driving force gt to double the steering lock?
  9. Is the commercial vehicle driving sim community really that small?
  10. ws353


    I thought 25 tonnes was considered heavy but normal... I would never consider that overweight. 420 hp is perfectly fine for that load.
  11. It would make the gaming experience even more realistic. I could not find one on the internet no matter what I googled.
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