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    https://youtu.be/C_oDC98yWsM https://youtu.be/FmgTKXWdB78
  2. Suggestion Name: Use Krone trailers for physical transport containers Suggestion Description:Because I think if the Krone trailer will be used for custom containers, I don't think this DLC has any value. I hope that TMP will be able to add the Krone trailer DLC to the game's physical container so that players can experience his value. I hope that TMP can think for the benefit of the players, which will make more players like this game. Any example images: Why should it be added?:Because I want more players to experience the physical effects of the Krone trailer package, I hope that TMP can think about this aspect.
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  5. Although the picture quality is not very good, but I still feel good:troll:20180406150842jchhz.jpeg

  6. Happy Easter, my friend, I wish you good health, dreams come true:troll:

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    Forum Topic Of The Week!

    good idea
  8. 嗨,我的朋友,你最近怎么样?

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    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    Thank you for letting me use simpler tools
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    Killua's MP Trailer Mods

    I like your work, thank you for sharing with us
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    End of website translations

    It's a bad thing, but we'll understand
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