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  1. Holy crap I gotta break out the Armor All and polish up my steering wheel! Thx all for getting it done!
  2. Just so nobody gets bent out of shape(upset) let me give you my translation of what @mwl4 said. 1. He works a real job @ CD Projekt Red(if you don't know, they are making Cyberpunk 2077...VERY popular up and coming game) pays bills WAY more than TMP Paetron donations. 2. Although Paetron's from TMP are very generous!! They do not give him the ability to leave his job at CDPR to work on TMP full time. Therefore, he can only work on it in his spare time. This is not a cry for more Paetron money. 3. The job of programming code in TMP is something that is EXTREMELY high end from a programmers view, hence hiring another programmer on would be near impossible unless they wanted to work for peanuts or had a passion for TMP like @mwl4 does. It' not that he's against it. 4. TMP is not done , just being done slowly. MANY things contribute to this...Real life job, SCS changing the code, SCS adding code(new sounds ect), GF/Wife wants him to do the dishes.....you know what I mean. 5. This is my take on this. Have a little faith brothers, he wouldn't be posting if he didn't care about you all. Throw him an extra $10 this week if ya can. Maybe it will help in the long run. Remember, he was doing this for free out of pocket LONG before donations started...show some love!
  3. RL I drove a 10 speed Mack R model. In game 18 speed Kenworth 900. To get good at floating gears, stop trying to read RPMs. The best way to float including in game is by sound. Eaton Fuller trans doesnt have to wind up or down as bad as the old Macks did so shifting is much faster. Also driving the 18 speeds is not hard if ya got a shifter. You gotta remember those boys are skipping gears. Empty you skip 2 or 3 and loaded you probably use every other gear on flat land. This video taught me a lot for 18 speeds. How to drive an 18 speed
  4. Save some more money and go with the g29. I like the ps4 version instead of the 920(xbox version) because it has more buttons.....always a plus. Plus you get the 3 pedals instead of 2. Prices are a bit high right now due to corona demand so wait for a bit....trust me it'll be worth it! It took me forever to pull the trigger on it and now that I got one, i'd never go back.
  5. So far Washington and now Idaho is a real close second. Love the mountains and wooded areas. As far as what next Montana or Texas only because I know my area is a WAYS down the line(from Chicago can't wait for the midwest!)!
  6. How does support not have any news about 1 of 2 servers being offline for over a week? You guys only have 2 ATS servers and one is OFFLINE. I know English is not everyones first language, but I can't make it any plainer than that. ATS US Server down 1+ week. I looked in news.....no news. If truckermp support doesn't know its own servers are offline.......you guys are very bad at support.
  7. My question was moved to unsolved so I cant bump it. But I see the US server for ATS is still down after a week+? Is it gone for good now? Or do I just have bad timing and it is down again?
  8. Looked here for a topic but didn't see one so not sure if you know the US ATS server is not online? Is there maintenance or something?
  9. JeffSFC replied with the correct answer(it worked ty much)in the trashed post.Ty Jeff In response to the trashed post and the excited people pointing out it was a double and wanting to trash it all, forgive me I am new here, I hit post twice because the website was lagging hard and I wasn't sure it went through. After I discovered it duplicated I tried to find a way to edit or delete one of the posts, but didn't see anything to edit.....so there's that. How about instead of going on the offensive and being a forum troll, offering a bit of help to the guy with 1 post. Just my opinion. Edit:(Now I know how) The quote from Riley was supposed to show Jeff's fix so look to his first quote for the fix for this.(Sorry Riley if you thought I was pointing at you for being rude....I wasn't.
  10. Changed the opacity on my player list box and now it has gone completely invisible. Is there anyway to get it back to default? At first I could still see players names but no box or options toggle. Then the names vanished as well(can't even see me if you were thinking nobody was around I thought that too). Could use any help I can get.
  11. I just tried multiplayer and parked in a hotel lot after a LONG run. Walked away to go smoke and grab a bite, come back and I'm kicked. I figured ok I was afk too long. Loaded back up, then decided to alt tab to look or rules on how long afk lasts before kick.....tab back in , kicked again...lol. This was on Euro2 but I was in a small city. Should be zones with afk extensions or something(i.e Hotels, Rest stops, Gas Stations, ect.)
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