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  1. ? ? Happy birthday to you! ? ?

  2. I didn't there was a command for changing the channel. Is there a command that turns it off/on? Like /radio <off/on>
  3. Suggestion Name: CB radio buttons to be more obvious Suggestion Description: Add some sort of symbols on CB radio to make it more obvious was to where to click to make changes. Any example images: none Why should it be added?: There are a number of times when I'm want/need to change the CB channel and I know I can click on the big dial next to the channel number but I have no idea where exactly so I'm blindly clicking until something happens. I also know that some where on there is another button to turn it on/off but again it's a blind-luck click fest until I get it. My first thought was to make it painfully obvious by adding white up/down arrows on the dial. But that would ugly. So another thought was what a more subtle grey or embossed graphics effect so you can see the arrows but they aren't in your face. As for the on/off switch maybe text of some sort or the now traditional power symbol as a button.
  4. Mod Version: Controllers Used: any Description of Issue: The Tidbit in Kayenta needs to be set as a non-collision zone. And the port in San Fransisco is a non-collision zone when I pulled a double-trailer out with another one also there, there was a collision with the 2 trailers. How to reproduce: Drive to the Tidbit in Kayenta to see for yourself. For San Fransisco: at least 2 people setup loads to pick up at the port, using double-trailers, one hook up to the other than pull out. Screenshots / Videos: n/a
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