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  1. I checked out the config-file. Horn is OFF and volume is zero - i have no clue why i can hear other players hornsound. Thx for answering. Please close or delete this Post.
  2. So... there is no way to uncheck a "horn sound box". I have got a slider for volume of hornsound. It`s already to the left side - which means i guess it`s off or at the lowest level. I will try that config-idea...
  3. Yeah, i tryed unticking that horn-sounds before - but it hasn`t turned off other players horns. I tryed that some weeks ago. Perhaps it will now work. I will check that out and let you know if it works... Thx.
  4. Hi there! Every second player press that f`ing horn-key. It`s terrible. Any solution? Can`t find options to disable the horn-sound of other players like in the previous version. Greetings, Michael
  5. Yeah, thx for the feedback. I know there are more peoples on servers these days.
  6. Hi there! I reported 5 "Terrorist" 3 Days ago. Does anybody noticed that and take care about that, or is the reporting-system down? Ingame-Reporting helps nothing. Nobody will care about that. All reports "timed out". Greetings, Michael
  7. Nur um Dich das wissen zu lassen...

    Dafür, daß Du mich grundlos wegen "wreckless driving" vom Server gekickt hast, habe ich soeben eine Meldung verfasst.

    Das was Du hier abgezogen hast wirkte auf mich und meine Zuschauer wie reine Willkür und Machtgehabe, Junge.

    Das kannste mit `nem 12jährigen machen, mit `nem alten Sack wie mir machste das nicht!

    1. DemonHunter1981


      Hello. If you have an issue with one of the members of the team please do not bring it to the public forum panel but visit https://truckersmp.com/feedback and make your complaint there as this is not the proper place to do such thank you. 

    2. Knusperschnitzel


      Fehler passieren, da kann ich auch nichts ändern

    3. Twitch.tv/atoMica73


      Alles gut. Kann passieren. Danke.

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