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  1. Dr'Dri's post in How much reporting can a player achieve? was marked as the answer   
    No, there is no limit, but remember that you must know how to report well, also about the time you do the reports, take the time to investigate the report and find out if this report can be valid.
  2. Dr'Dri's post in Question about the moderator who banned me. was marked as the answer   
    Hi, @Ladds

    I have clearly seen your ban and you can clearly see the mistake made and as the rule number says: §1.5 point 1
    Clearly this is seen as an insult in your playertag.
    The only help for Undo is the prohibition with the appeal system
    so I recommend you to be patient with this topic, since it is complicated
    On the other hand you can go to read this topic to solve your problem with the label
    Thanks for the understanding and do not hesitate to create a ticket to the support team.
    And also to avoid complications with this issue since the solutions are concrete this subject will be
    // Locked and moved to solved topics
  3. Dr'Dri's post in slow truck was marked as the answer   
    Hi, @merry christmas ho ho
    My recommendation for good speed is:
    Have a truck with a good engine, 730 HP or 750 HP The chassis, almost does not influence the speed The preferential transmission is a 12-speed retarder After having your truck, set the game
    Go to Options → Game Make sure you do not have the speed limiter selected Then go to Options → Controls If you play in automatic make sure you are in the tab: Transmission "Automatic Simple" And check the following tab: Adapted automatic change, configure it in "High Power Mode" PS: this configuration system will consume a lot of gas.
    This will help you get a speed in a Scania about 170 Km / h.
  4. Dr'Dri's post in game freezing on launchpad ATS was marked as the answer   
    Hello, @DeathMonk
    For the part of the SDK, that appears as a "protection" for the SCS software. Shown because multiplayer uses SDK.
    Possible solutions:
    Uninstall the game, with all the folders. I recommend that you save only your profile folder in: Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ profiles And check that you do not have drivers like, Trucksbook Client or of this type. Best regards
  5. Dr'Dri's post in Can't play multiplayer after the new update was marked as the answer   
    You can try:
    Reinstall the Euro truck simulator 2 game completely. And it degrades to the necessary version. "Temporary_1_30 - for incompatible mods" Regards
  6. Dr'Dri's post in Kicked for AFK in shop? was marked as the answer   
    It is normal, you are not in trouble only the system of the game is to give Kick to anyone who is not active during the game, when editing a truck, or being on the game options screen the keyboard is not active, this case is normal.
    You just have to do it as quickly as possible so that this does not happen.
    When you are somewhere parked and show you the kick message in 1 minute
    do not write a space, it's simpler to open the chat - and write /p to see the players on the server.
    Sometimes write a space in the chat they give it as spam.
  7. Dr'Dri's post in How to get Veteran driver? was marked as the answer   
    You must take a minimum of 1 year in the community
  8. Dr'Dri's post in installation promblem was marked as the answer   
    The answer to your solution is very simple
    for the choice of your ATS game you must have it installed in your Steam library
    the route of installation of the game, has as default:
    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ American Truck Simulator
  9. Dr'Dri's post in Cannot change Tag Color was marked as the answer   
    Hi, I hope you are well.
    I suggest you try reinstalling the Truckersmp mod, and check.
    If this problem is already communicated with a support member, or send your ticket
    here : https://support.truckersmp.com/

    I hope you solve it, Luck.
  10. Dr'Dri's post in The application for becoming a convoy control member was marked as the answer   
    The correct answer is how you explore the community, you can help others, read all the news, etc.
    What do you think you are good at and are you contributing to others in this community?
    That's my point of view 
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