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Error opening game.


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Hello @FBTC - DarkWillz

thanks for sharing your problem,

Here is the link where you can read and find the solution:



otherwise, if this is not your problem, let me know so I can send another solution.

I hope I can help you in your problem.


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Hello @FBTC - DarkWillz,


Welcome to the Forum :) 


To fix this issue you might want to try these steps in order:


Start the game as Administrator!


>Make sure your antivirus and firewall is not blocking it. Try disabling your antivirus temporarily to see if the game works.

>Restart your router


If it's still not working:


>Press Windows + R (Win+R) and type in ''%programdata%'' (without the quotes).

>Delete the TruckersMP folder.

>Uninstall the launcher and then restart your PC

>Reinstall the launcher



I hope that will solve your problem! If it does, you can up vote this answer. :) 


Kind Regards,

Chris Kodiak

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Hello there!

We are glad that you were able to get this issue solved! 

I would like to say a thank you for everyone helping to solve this problem.

If you require any further assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to create another topic, support ticket or get in contact via Discord.


Best Wishes,


TruckersMP - Support 


//locked and moved to Solved Topics. 

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