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Spotify user in forum profile

Naza D

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Suggestion description:    Create a space below interests, where the Spotify user can be seen, with a link to that profile to explore his music (optional for each player) so that other players or forum visitors in said profile they can see and listen to their music and follow that player on spotify apart from the forum







Example picture:    * Yellow section in the image to be added *







Why should it be added?


This modification should be added to the forum profile so that other players can see what that player is listening to as well as see their interests. It is also useful when making the routes, you can share a playlist or directly follow that person to keep up to date with the music you listen to if you want.



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Thank you for your suggestion!


We will not go foward with this idea due to the fact it has little to add up to the Community. We do value that people have different tastes for music and that is completely understandable, but having a spotify can be done by the user by adding it to their description. Adding it to our Forum would implement different cases that can either be for Spotify image use or sharing of music names that contains inappropriate tittles. 

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