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Rear Orange LEDs - Scout Car

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Suggestion Name: Rear Orange LEDs - Scout Car

Suggestion Description: The orange LED strobes that can be fitted to the front bumper of the scout car should also be in the back window, like the blue lights are.

Any example images: N/A

Why should it be added?:

Having orange strobes in the rear window of the pilot car increases visibility from the rear, which is important for escort operations on dual carriageways and motorways. This also opens up the possibility of having scout cars with effective hideaway orange stobes. This could be very useful for people who want a normal looking car, but needs the ability to have extra visibility on ocasions (e.g  a VTC manager supervising escort drivers, without being directly involved in escort duties). This removes the need to fit a beacon to a car with a plain painjob, meaning players can avoid looking like a 'traffic control' troll.

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