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Mineiro Uai

New Reputation Level

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Suggestion Name:  New Reputation Levels

Suggestion Description: Change the Current Reputation Levels to a more accessible one

Any example images: no one

Why should it be added?:I have seen many players with a high reputation, extremely competent players and committed to the ideals of TMP, but no matter how big the effort, the goal to be beat is far from being achieved. With that in mind, I am suggesting a new ranking based on the previous one by Anriandor.


Hi, Anriandor!
This is for you:

0 to 24 reputation    Truck?
25 to 99 reputation    Unlicensed
100 to 299 reputation    Sunday Driver
300 to 549 reputation    Trainee
550 to 699 reputation    Reserve Driver
700 to 999 reputation    Local Driver
1000 to 1499 reputation    National Driver
1500 to 1999 reputation    International Driver
2000 to 2999 reputation    Veteran driver
3000 to 5000 reputation    Driving Instructor
5000+ reputation    Lord of the World!

And you: What  do you think about this????

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