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Trailer Reversing Contest.

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Suggestion Format: Event Suggestion


Suggestion Name: Trailer Reversing contest.


Suggestion Description:

It would be a competition on diferent stages about parking trailers. It would show the skill of the driver. There are existing reversing contests in real life (for exemple Scania does it as a driver competition) and i think it would be awesome in TruckersMP. People with trailers would need to reverse in challanging spaces as fast as posible to a parking spot. People with the best time will win. Any collision will give +1 second penalty. There would be 3 Stages 


Qualyfying- People would need to reverse into a more simple parking space in a company between trailers or any objects under time. It shouldn't be too easy but neither too hard. They would have a maximum time to do this (enough time to reverse into the parking space) and if they couldn't do it in the time they would get disqualified.

1 Stage- Would be way more challenging, it wouldn't be a simple reverse but it would be longer with tight spaces and traffic cones. If driver would hit any cone more then 3 times, he would get disqualified. People with the best time would qualify for Stage 2

2 StageNow this would be a real challange. Driver will need to reverse into 2 parking spaces, with more challaneging spaces and after hiting 2 cones they would get disqualified. Drivers with the best time would get into finals to show their skills.

3 Stage- This would be the final stage where only a few will win. It would be way harder then any stage. 

(The stages are only my idea. It doesn't need to be exectly like that and can be changed)


Rules- Players will need to use 3 axle Curtain trailer with no steering axles. Any collision with the truck or trailer gives +1 second penalty. 

There could be also 1 more championship about reversing Double trailers.




Why should it be added?: it should be added because i think it's pretty good idea for another event. Right now there is Racing championship which is awesome but shows only racing skills. In this event people could show their skills in their truck, parking trailers and reversing in challangeing spaces. :)


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  • Project Coordinator

Thanks for your suggestion! We are looking into something similar to this, but we need to consider the logistics for hundreds of players wanting to participate, and the time/resources required to facilitate such an event.

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