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MP Time and Long Distance Haul




I just wondering about couple of things here;


1. About the world/local time In MP, is it following realtime GMT or how?

2. Let's say; i have 1500km delivery. Half way finished i decided to stop in the rest area then quit because of the real driver is exhausted and willing to continue the haul later on. How the MP environment will treat this case when we quit-and-continue-later approach?




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That's why you either finish the job, or never at all (Unless you're doing it for fun)


The MP Time goes by 10 seconds real life time=1 minute Multiplayer time


The time doesn't stop if you log off, so if you decide to rest in the middle of a job you might not get to finish it in time!


F7+Enter or Sleeping doesn't change the time of the game either; and Game-drivers aren't easy to get tired out.



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