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Open offtopic forum for all topics

A random Elk (D)

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Suggestion Name: Open offtopic forum for all topics

Suggestion Description: Open the offtopic part of the forum for all kinds of topics

Any example images: not needed.

Why should it be added?:

Currenty only Tech talk and other games are "permitted" in the offtopic part of the forum. However I think that people might also want to discuss about other topics, for example their hobbies.

I could Imagine people discussing about bikes or cars maybe or fishing or maybe even completly different topics I cant even imagine right now. This could bring more variety and life into this forum.


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As far as I'm concerned, there is no rule telling you you can't be posting your hobbies in the Off-Topic section. Neither does it say anywhere that only Tech Talk and other games are permitted for that section.



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