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Falco [ITA]

Changelog panel in server selection screen

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Suggestion Name: Ability to see what's new in the latest TMP release.

Suggestion Description: As of right now, you can only see what's new by going on the forums, most players don't bother going there so this could be helpful.

Any example images: wheIF7Y.png hwT2UVl.png

Why should it be added?: I think it should be added to show players what has been recently added/changed/removed in the latest TMP release upon launching the platform, on both games, so the update section on the forums can be removed and further comments/complaints should be carried out only in the feedback section. This panel should be a permanent, non-movable object, next to the server selection and login ones, or as a popup window, where you can close it like on Discord start-up so I included that version with the "X" to close it as well. 

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