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[ATVTC] Med Ali

Event staff as Like Game Moderators

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Suggestion Name :

At Request the server, the event organizer can put an account link for some of the event's Staffs ( temporary role on the Event Servers )so that they can be in the role of the game  Moderators . The most important of these things that the event organizer needs are as follows:

1 : announce inside the server ,like everyone is in the starting place of the event, announcing the time of the start the TruckFest and its results, and the time of launching the event etc ...

2 : He can kick bad people who cause trouble and stop the  event and don't Cares about with the ban (some of these things spoil a whole event)

3 : Using the free camer to move between the whole convoy will make it more comfortable than overtaking the whole convoy

4 : Using the police car (only the event staff , the rest the server kicks them automatically)


Any Image?: N/A 

Why this should be added?: 

1 : Make the event more quality
2 : The event organizer doesn't need the Game Moderators anymore
3 : No problems after that

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There is more to those permissions than just getting the rank. We have our Game Moderators for a reason, and they are trained to work at Events and stuff like that. Additionally, the reason above would form an issue as well.



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