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Adding a new role in the TMP community called Game testers

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Suggestion Name: Game testers 

Suggestion Description: When a new update is pending or is ready to be pushed to the TMP server's a select few players who are given access are allowed to go on the server and test the main stuff like F7 doing some jobs and testing the main functions etc. Making sure there isn't any major issues like crashing or stuff like that.

Why should it be added?: I feel this should be added because it will help with bugs being seen in game. This will slow down how fast an update is brought out but will overall improve the quality of the update. I'm a game tester IRL and I think that having a select few people allowed on the server to test out the update will allow the developers know if there is any issues like crashing etc. 

Comments: This is a small idea in my head that I feel can be helpful to the TMP community. Yes updates might take longer to be pushed but I feel it's a good trade to get a better experience when playing TMP.

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