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Real Ops V8

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Real Ops V8 was a unique and amazing experience. I was very happy  and excited about this spectacular event. It was beautiful to see how the ambulances, fire trucks and every official vehicle was conducted by the staff. What about the buses? How cute. The event may have only lasted 4 hours, but I am aware of how hard the TMP staff must have worked to deliver all of us this masterpiece.



I congratulate all the team involved. You are 10/10!!! :wub:



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I enjoyed participating in such an event for the first time.
TMP had clearly made good preparations and was well present to make sure everything went smoothly.
TMP deserves a big compliment for the effort shown.


What disappointed me was the overwhelming amount of speed drivers, the disrespectful behavior on the road of the drivers.
This struck me like a cold shower.
Unfortunately it became clear to me that a large part of the participants has nothing to do with simulation in any way.


I found the video with the delivery van sadly poor, including the driving style.


It may sound very nagging, I don't mean that.

Such an event should be embraced by the participants. You show this by behaving properly and with respect on the road.


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It was freaking amazing :D Its NOT the last time I attend Real Ops, but this was my first time, and I totally don't regret joining in :) 

Awesome work to all teams involved :D 


Best Regards


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