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  1. Suggestion Name: Billboards vtc ads Suggestion Description: VTC's could promote theirself with hiring a billboard in cities. For example 2 billboards in Brussels for 5€/month. The ad will be a picture linking to imgur or a dedicated website, so it only will be downloaded and shown when the trucker is in the neighborhood of the billboard. Any example images: n/a Why should it be added: TruckersMP could have a little extra money (depending on how many billboards their putting for sale/hire) and VTC's can promote theirselves. Also it wouldn't be taking a lot of server resources if it's technically possible stream the ad instead of downloading it locally. This is only a win-win scenario.
  2. Dirt roads are my favourite. Dirtroads where trucks need to drive for 50% in grass. I love those, you cant drive fast; most people driving with caution. I only found one in Russia/Finland, but never found it again, now I'm depressed.
  3. You don't need to be on C-D to see trolls and reckless drivers. Just record your drive and enjoy the roads. You can be trolled and rammed anywhere. I'll do it too, if nothings happens, i just have a nice travel and can re-enjoy the view! But don't intentially drive on C-D without a cargo, to report players... That's a real waste of your time.. Enjoy the roads and drive safe I do forgot to rec sometimes. But this is my directory
  4. Using a G29 here, with the max amount of possible FFB
  5. This tool is really helpfull. Already using the Android app for months. Using the overlay for a couple of days now. Thanks for the awesome tool!
  6. Why would you wait for the steam version if there is already a R* version with more rewards? I've bought the R* edition, had problems for a few hours and could game after that few hours unlimited. Same here, haha I just need it.
  7. Well, i use both a Xbox 1 controller and a G29. I have both a gaming desktop and laptop. So Xbox is for the laptop and the G29 is for my desktop ;D
  8. I'm so sad I missed this. Seeing all of you praise the event makes me hope that the following real ops is happening within 6 months
  9. Yeah, I searched on the SCS forum. And they shouldn't place it on a high prio list. I didn't say it has to be on a high prio. But I do wanted to say is they need release a news update on the dlc.
  10. Aha, but they could at least reply with this I formation. Don't you think? Thank for all that information. The last info I found was in June 2018. That would be stupid of SCS. Imo
  11. Do you mean you want to code a custom led pattern? Because this would be considered as a mod it wouldt be allowed. If this isn't what you mean, please explain. Thanks!
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