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  1. This tool is really helpfull. Already using the Android app for months. Using the overlay for a couple of days now. Thanks for the awesome tool!
  2. Why would you wait for the steam version if there is already a R* version with more rewards? I've bought the R* edition, had problems for a few hours and could game after that few hours unlimited. Same here, haha I just need it.
  3. Well, i use both a Xbox 1 controller and a G29. I have both a gaming desktop and laptop. So Xbox is for the laptop and the G29 is for my desktop ;D
  4. I'm so sad I missed this. Seeing all of you praise the event makes me hope that the following real ops is happening within 6 months
  5. Yeah, I searched on the SCS forum. And they shouldn't place it on a high prio list. I didn't say it has to be on a high prio. But I do wanted to say is they need release a news update on the dlc.
  6. Aha, but they could at least reply with this I formation. Don't you think? Thank for all that information. The last info I found was in June 2018. That would be stupid of SCS. Imo
  7. Do you mean you want to code a custom led pattern? Because this would be considered as a mod it wouldt be allowed. If this isn't what you mean, please explain. Thanks!
  8. 21 years old. Don't have a driver license yet. A driver license isn't a priority for me now. I tried it tho. But I failed because of my autism. So I set other priorities.
  9. TL;DR They should not delete the speedlimit, trolls will be more attracted and will play burnout dominator with their truck. I dont think it (speedlimit) should be removed. This is a simulation game, not a racing game. Okay if you're doing 3000km drives, you're busy for 2h15. But that's your own decision. If you don't play ets/ats as a simulator, you shouldn't play in first place. I know arcade isn't fun. If I'm doing a +2500km drive I can curse too, but you know, it stays a Sim game. Troll would LOVE to crash at high speeds, and yeah not only high speeds. I recently had a troll on the highway on Promods 1 who's parked. When I drive towards him he's starting his motor and trans me for both trailer and truck 100% damage. I get the point why you don't like arcade servers. I think they shouldn't make it non collision but not moderated. Trolls will be trolls but you'll know there will be trolls on arcade at that point.
  10. I contacted SCS on Facebook and email several times. Without having any response. I asked if there is news about this dlc. I don't know if a lot of players would love this DLC but I definitely will! What are your thoughts about this dlc? Will it ever release? Will you buy it? Would love to see any news about it!
  11. So, like said before, I tried to RMA it. And Logitech said that It is caused by a internal wire being broken in the wheel itself. I get my new wheel tomorrow! Woohoo!
  12. Well it never happens when I'm teleporting. I only had it when driving and crashed twice in TMP (into other players) because of it... Hope I don't get reported for it.
  13. [couldnt find tech support, so im posting it here since its not specific TMP too] So i have this strange issue when playing with my g29 steering wheel thats its randomly reconnects. So it disconnects and starts up again and recalibrates. OS is Win 10 Pro 64 bits up to date USB Power Saving is off, same issue with a powered USB hub. So it isnt power related too. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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