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  1. Well, Some people only follows the road speed (including me). With that wintermod I sometimes drive slower, but never let overtakers crash on purpose. I do admit i sometimes speed up so they don't have to overtake or because my motor stopped. People always think worse-case scenario. It isn't always on purpose.
  2. Belgian Fluffy

    ETS2 2019

    No map DLC 'till next year please... My discovered road is 40% now.. I need to discover them all before any new map DLC The new Renault T would be nice! More skins for the 8*4 trucks? Let's hope so
  3. Een Brusselaar! Heb daar nog school gevolgd, helemaal uit Antwerpen voor mijn secundair haha @wpx_ Inderdaad Antwerpen! Sinds mijn 6de levensjaar woon ik hier
  4. Whitelisted? Hhm.. Could solve problems anyway. Lots of work for the devs etc. I don't think this is a good idea.
  5. I really think this is clear! This is a joke right? Why is everyone driving to C-D when it's already over-populated?
  6. Very useful, awesome to have it, thanks. Well done and keep up the good work
  7. I think "the best" truck is a personal choice. If there was a superior brand nobody would choose something else. I prefer Scania S/R, but other people may like Mercedes or DAF, VOLVO etc.
  8. Well, I never heard of it untill I played TMP for a month or 5. A friend told me there was always a traffic jam. Since then I sometimes check how the traffic is. People think i troll them because of my respect for the speedlimit (50/60/70/80 km/h).. Always horning, now I only visit it 2 or 3 times a month. For jobs I avoid C-D at ALL cost.
  9. Here's my opinion of the winter mod: Like said before: it's an awesome experience with the new physics. A lot of players need to get used to the physics, so i recommend to check somehow how long they already drove with this mod. If you already played 2h+ with the physics you'll get used to it. I don't blame TMP anything or the people playing with it without getting used to it. Overall it's an awesome mod!
  10. Wat is dat nu weer voor belachelijke vergelijking..? Ik spreek bijna geen woord Frans.. Mag ik jou dan halve Vlaming halve Duitser noemen? ^Zo een onderwerpen kunnen heel gevoelig zijn bij mensen.
  11. Suggestion Name: Statistics about TMP Community Suggestion Description: Would be nice to see some statistics about the TMP community. So like the server status page; there could be a webpage full of statistics like: 1. **country** has **players count** truckers and has the most truckers in TMP! 2. Most new registered truckers are coming from **country** 3. Total registered truckers: **total users** 4. Last 7 days **users count** new truckers registered 5. Most online truckers from the same country past 24h/2days/7days/1w/1m are from **country**. 6. Your country: **Country** has **users count** registered Truckers and **online user count** truckers of them are online now! ** user count ** truckers were active in the past 7 days 7. Search for every country like in 6, same info but from a selected country. (example I live in Belgium and want to see Dutch info). Any example images: /// Why should it be added?: As I know this isn't priority for the Devs, it would be an awesome page. Some people (me included) would love some statistics from TMP. This could give the community a boost to actively start new ETS2 players to start with TMP to boost their country's stats.
  12. Yeah, well, the problem is it's against TOS of TMP Forum.. Everyone wants to understand everyone. Google Translate (used by Chrome) won't make it better by translating the whole site IMO Google Translate is horrible to use.
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