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Few requests to make TMP more enjoyable

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Suggestion Name: Chances requests on CB functions and "town Speed limit" coverage

Suggestion Description:

- Change needed on CB: ONLY one player can talk at a time, as real CB transceiver and volume should be normalized(no more whisperers and yellers)... it will forbid "dumb-heads" from talking at the same time as others and over-crowd it... Also: Channel 19 should be english speaking ONLY... Spanish, french and other internationnal languages should be on other channels(Enforce/strenghten CB abuse punishment)... ESPECIALLY spanish players... It's SO annoying sometimes they overtake the CB and we can't speak with our friends...

- Change needed on "town speed limit" coverage: Free highways/Freeways and overpasses from the 45mph limit, it's really annoying to be forced to slow-down when we're not even going in town...


Why should it be added?: It will make TruckersMP experience very much more enjoyable for those reasons:

- No more CB over-crowding(especially from spanish players that are often in packs)

- If the volume is normalized, those who have their micro too loud won't hurt our ears, and we'll hear those who have it too quiet...

- It's frustrating to be forced to slow down when we're on HW/FW... It's incredibly frustrating when we have an heavy(Anything over 25t) cargos...



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  • Translation Manager

We're not going to disallow people, who speak a different language than English, from choosing which CB channel they can and can not choose. We have no intention to force people to use another channel, just because others think they may be annoying because they speak another language than you do. The other thing you mentioned is not as much as a priority, and not a huge issue either. 


Also, please keep a suggestion post to one suggestion per post.



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