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Few requests to make TMP more enjoyable

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Suggestion Name: Chances requests on CB functions and "town Speed limit" coverage

Suggestion Description:

- Change needed on CB: ONLY one player can talk at a time, as real CB transceiver and volume should be normalized(no more whisperers and yellers)... it will forbid "dumb-heads" from talking at the same time as others and over-crowd it... Also: Channel 19 should be english speaking ONLY... Spanish, french and other internationnal languages should be on other channels(Enforce/strenghten CB abuse punishment)... ESPECIALLY spanish players... It's SO annoying sometimes they overtake the CB and we can't speak with our friends...

- Change needed on "town speed limit" coverage: Free highways/Freeways and overpasses from the 45mph limit, it's really annoying to be forced to slow-down when we're not even going in town...


Why should it be added?: It will make TruckersMP experience very much more enjoyable for those reasons:

- No more CB over-crowding(especially from spanish players that are often in packs)

- If the volume is normalized, those who have their micro too loud won't hurt our ears, and we'll hear those who have it too quiet...

- It's frustrating to be forced to slow down when we're on HW/FW... It's incredibly frustrating when we have an heavy(Anything over 25t) cargos...



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