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  1. It's easier to disable it in the ATSMP/config.txt file: Change the line "season_effects" : true, for "season_effects" : false, // This file has been generated by ETS2MP client core. // Do not edit it if you are not sure about that what you are doing. // Generate time: 22.12.2019 20:28:26 { "extra" : { "force_trailer_nametags" : false, "show_player_account_id" : false }, "generals" : { "default_cb_radio_channel" : 19, "development_logging" : 1, "discord_rich_presence" : true, "drivers_animations" : true, "extended_cb_radio_sound
  2. Suggestion Name: Chances requests on CB functions and "town Speed limit" coverage Suggestion Description: - Change needed on CB: ONLY one player can talk at a time, as real CB transceiver and volume should be normalized(no more whisperers and yellers)... it will forbid "dumb-heads" from talking at the same time as others and over-crowd it... Also: Channel 19 should be english speaking ONLY... Spanish, french and other internationnal languages should be on other channels(Enforce/strenghten CB abuse punishment)... ESPECIALLY spanish players... It's SO annoying sometimes they overtake t
  3. servers came back online some time later my original post, so problem fixed.
  4. Will it be added to ATS-MP in a near future? I really hope they will...
  5. Hi everyone, All servers down at this moment???? Any re-up estimated time???? Cheers...
  6. I think there's a New update on ATS, is it supported by TMP?
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