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Map DLC check when entering ProMods server

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Suggestion Name: Map DLC check when entering ProMods server

Suggestion Description: Right now TruckersMP only check for presence of ProMods files while not checking for installed map DLC's. On singleplayer you won't be able to load any of the packages if you don't have all required map DLC's. Some of the players aren't aware that they don't own all required map DLC's when installing ProMods. After their game crashes, they start complaining about that issue on forum/Discord just to get informed that they're missing all of the 5 required map DLC's in order to play ProMods. 

Any example images: none

Why should it be added?: This will prevent crashing issues when loading ProMods without required map DLC's by forbidding access to any of the ProMods server with similar message as one when you don't have all of the required ProMods files. 

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