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Experiencing kernel error or random crashes on TruckersMP Island? ×


Write here if you have caused damage in the game, send a link to the video on which you crashed/blocked your way/insulted in the chat/ insulted in the voice chat. DO NOT FORGET to specify the NICKNAME of the player.

Пишите сюда если тебе нанесли урон в игре, присылай ссылку на видео на котором в тебя врезались/перекрыли тебе дорогу/оскорбляли в чате/ оскорбляли в голосовом чате. НЕ ЗАБЫВАЙ указывать НИКНЕЙМ игрока.

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Good evening,


the best thing to do, is to report users either directly ingame or (even better) via the website if they are not sticking to the rules. By taking a look at your post, I am not too sure if you are already familiar with the reporting system or if you just wanted to create something like a collection thread where rule-breakers should be exposed. When you want to report someone ingame, press TAB, do a right click with your mouse to enable the mouse cursor, click on the specific user and then click on "Report". If a staff member is online, he (or she ?will surely deal with the situation. For reports via the website, please take a look at the linked topic below.


I think, that a thread in this section actually does nothing else than just publicly exposing users. Even when they break the rules (on purpose or not), reports should still be dealt with in a private manner to respect the user's privacy, in my opinion. I think, a lot of people can relate to that, especially when you want to behave better for example.


I also think, that this section is not the right place for reporting users.


I recommend taking a look at the following thread for more information concering reports:



Greetings from Luxembourg,





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Hello there,


Due to this topic being inactive for further 7 days, I will have to move it to "Unsolved" Topics. 

If you need any further help,create a new topic or contact us directly by submitting a support ticket here:https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket/create

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind Regards,

Sabbi [GER]

TruckersMP Support 


//moved to Unsolved.

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