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Is it possible for ATS to enable arcade server?

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@ShadowWolf2k7  not all cities are the same so i figure the "blocks" are adjustable in size.  would be nice if there was an official dev map showing exactly how it is laid out, just for curiosity at least if anything. 

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9 hours ago, VCouto said:

ATS doesn't have as much player flow as ETS2. The limitation on speed, came to bring more peace of mind when playing. An arcade server in my opinion is not viable at the moment. Today, all players can use the tucson race track to play races without affecting other players.

here we go again, the numbers should not matter, if people want to just look at numbers then just where to draw the line? i mean from what i have seen ets2 arcade servers hardly get over 200 when they both were up combined. most of the time ets2 arcade 1 had way more traffic than ets2 arcade 2, but arcade 1 has been removed for a little while now. why remove it when it had more numbers than arcade 2 and it had better ping (for me). now since removing ets2 arcade 1 that player base moved to ets2 arcade 2 which still barely hits 100-150 players from what i have seen and i play on the arcade server unless doing convoys with people. so keep a server open for only about 100 player or less average?  now what about the ats servers? there are 2, but they are populated  at different times. i live in the US and the mornings are when euro players tend to play and in the evenings is when the US players tend to play. so maybe 300-400 players for each at most? i have never seen either one even close to filling halfway except for events or new dlcs, so should tmp combine ats eu and us servers as well? because they can always just make and open extra servers if they are needed. they do it for events and vtc gatherings.



edit: i also see a few people think it is up to TMP to decide if there should be an arcade server, no i think it is up to us for that. get enough people together wanting it and they should listen, not just if THEY decide to. they may own and run TMP, but without us players what good does it do? imo the problem is even if people are wanting an arcade server, most players would still go to the sim servers. why? i would say a mix of people are going to do what they want and then there is this negative  "mind set" that people seem to have towards the arcade servers. basicly they are looked down upon. i have asked the question before and still no real answer, what is it about the arcade servers that make people think negative and or look down on them like they are a bad thing?


in fact i have a lot of questions for this community, but this is not the thread for them.





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