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Can you access Korean Language in Game?

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Suggestion Name: Same titles.

Suggestion Description: I want to add the Korean Language in Game

Any example images: None

Why should it be added?:

MP was supported by many of language. 

But Korean language doesn't exist in MP. 

Many of Korean users want to use Korean in MP But now we don't use Korean Due to it blocked out or not supported language.

Whether It is blocked out MP or not supported?

Korean users really want to support the Korean Language.

If supporting the Korean language, Users easily communicate Korean Users and fast feed-back in MP's Problems.

Thank you for reading my request.



//Adding the More information < 2020. Jan. 20th UTC 09:00 >

We can't speak chat using Korean Language it is not supported.


Other Language (ex. English, Vietnamese, Chinese ) is available to type but Korean don't support. So I suggested.

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