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MP Number and Nickname display in Event Server


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Suggestion Name: If playing the game on the event server, you should display it in the form of <nickname> (E 1234).


Suggestion Description: Many team users or individual users make server open requests for their Trucking events. In such cases, event server applicants sometimes occasionally disallow or enforce multi-server rules on the event server. For example, let's say you have disabled the Wrong Way rule in the event server. If so, it is correct that event punishment is not done even if we violate Wrong Way rule in event server. However, it is possible that users who have bad feelings for any individual person or who have bad feelings for the team may report after recording the action. Of course, our team, TeamAudi, has been reported because of this. Therefore, when marking the MP number, it is thought that it should receive the punishment according to the provisional rule of the event server or not to receive it by marking like "E 1234". I think this request is feasible enough, just as the Arcade server shows the MP number as "A 1234".


Any example images: None Yet.


Why should it be added?: Users do not want to be penalized based on existing server rules, only want to be penalized with the appropriate rules on the event server.

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