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Racing Championship - Summer 2019 - Results

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On 6/18/2019 at 10:39 PM, Digital said:

Due to time restrictions, we were limited to


I think the only one restriction is that you don't understand your own goals. To design a good event you should always keep in mind your goals! 

The goals may be different. If the goal is to entertain admins, it's legit goal, no comments. If not, you should understand - what exactly do you want from such events. Exactly!


Maybe you want to draw attention to truckers.mp and promote it.

Nice! Then draw attention of ETS and ATS blogers or just letsplayers. Make live YouTube and Twitch streams, so people can watch this and maybe they will be interested. Afterwards make shorter videos that are more suitable for casual viewer. Many people have not enough time to watch really long videos. If you don't wanna mess with streaming software and video editing - DO A SCREENSHOTS AT LEAST! Couple of freaking screenshots!!! Make at least a TEXT report. People want to know what was going on. Describe the event. Report number of races, timings, tell us what trucks did they use, anything else, any additional details! People who were not able to participate want to know something. But in this situation they were just threw away like junk. Reason was - "no time, no space for you, just go away!"


Another goal. If you want to stimulate the culture of driving, driving skills, following traffic rules, etc. I mean that existing MP players are your target. Then show respect to them. Ask them to participate. Try to involve as many players as possible. Make a poll to choose desired event date and time. Keep in mind international and local holidays etc. This will really help to find out the best time for event, when most players will be able to participate. I understand that it's impossible to make a race with 4k players at a time. Sure. Then make a series of qualifying races, to chose participants. Give players an ability to participate in race wit an entry fee (this will help to pay server expenses etc). For example 50% of payed players, 50% of qualification winners. Add couple of people just from the crowd. Organize spectators. Teach people how to use free camera. So they shouldn't park their trucks exactly where the race take place. As I said before, people may just watch live Internet translations. If someone really really want to be right in the middle of the show (mom, I'm on TV) then SELL some VIP places. Next. Give players something that they will be proud of (badges, special tags, etc). People will be happy, people will give positive feedbacks, people will want to participate next time. Players loyalty to you will raise! 


Another possible goal - monetization. It's ok,  you need some money to pay servers and developers. As I suggested before - sell VIP places, take an entry fee. Find sponsors. It may be just a product placement or prize fund. It's absolutely real to make a deal with guys like Pepsico Inc for example. 


Everything is possible if you really well understand your goals, guys...

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On 6/19/2019 at 7:28 AM, Twilight_Sparkle said:

Well done to the winners. It was a really nice event very well planned.

.... i dont see how when the event team already admitted to this being a massive clusterfuck ..........

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Guest [Demir].Kral Panda

Congrats for the winner!

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