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The next TruckersMP Race Event in ATS

The next TruckersMP Championship Rally Race  

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-Suggestion Format: Event Suggestions


-Suggestion Name: The Next TruckersMP Rally Championship Race


-Suggestion Description: To the people in charge of TruckersMP:


I want to first start by saying that I was accepted to be a racer in the first ever TruckersMP Rally Championship races. I didn't even get through qualifying because of a stupid mistake on my part. But I still had fun and was excited to be apart of it.


I wanted to give you my ideas or suggestions for the next TruckersMP Rally race Championship in ATS.


1. I know this one is the most hardest of my ideas. Racing was very hard because people were inside you and you couldn't see where the road was and judge maneuvers properly. But, American Truck Simulator is not a crash simulator so any contact would be a catastrophe waiting to happen.


2. Make race tracks easier and then get harder as we go along.


3. The "flag man" at the starting line should have a mic because it was hard to judge it when it was in the chat.


4. Racers at the starting line should turn off their engines and lights while waiting for their turn because there was noise pollution and frame rate drops. I know there was some night racing, but racers waiting don't need their lights.


5. Send the accepted drivers the race track info earlier so that they can practice the tracks earlier than a few hours before.


6. And last but not least, car racing! Yes, let's try and race the Scout car. That could be fun and exciting. And if we do that, adding some race customizations would be great.


Thank you again for making such a great event. Keep up the good work.


Here's to more to come!:D


-Any Example Images:



-Why should it be added?: Because it would improve the event.

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