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Adjusting recruitment guidelines

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Suggestion Name: Adjusting recruitment guidelines

Suggestion Description:

Hello, everyone, I would like to explain you my idea.

As is written in this topic you cannot create an application if you have more than 3 bans in total:



It can be a problem for some people, i will explain why and show my solution.

For example:

I am a guy, who is playing multiplayer since 2014and have 3000 hours on multiplayer and got banned 4 for reckless driving (I crashed to someone because of driving fast) times in 2014 and 2015 and then I started driving normally.

Then I join forum in 2017 and Iam active. I have something about 5000 reputation points and 1000 content count and I want to be a community moderator. When the recruitment opens I find, that I cannot have more than 3 bans in total, but why?

They are 3-4 years old and I changed everything from behaviour to driving style. And because I was driving years ago like a stupid kid, then I cannot make an application. (just example)


My solution is, that simply if its 3 years since expiration of a ban, then the ban will not count, for example:

How it's now: CANNOT APPLY


How it's in the suggestion described: CAN APPLY


Why should it be added?: People will get another chance to correct their history and mistakes, because people are growing up.

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As a member of the TruckersMP team a lot is expected of you and people look to you as an examplory person. Anything you have done in the past and do in the future reflects back on you.

For this reason, while we still allow some mistakes to be made by applicants for a position, we don't allow new applicants to have more than 3 bans in total.

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