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Re-add support for save edited trailers

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Suggestion Name: re-adding support for save edited/local modded trailers.

Suggestion Description: before, players were able to freely save edit their owned trailers to be any type they preferred running. it allowed players to swap out trailer chassis to their other favorite trailer types SCS hasn't made ownable yet, like swapping out the standard dryvan for a tanker or dump trailer and having custom chrome or colored wheels for it. but now doing that, along with having ANY local mods on the trailer results in an immediate auto kick from the server for "modified trailer accessories" which is completely unfair and should be undone.


Why should it be added?: 
because it should've never been taken away in the first place. doing this was never harmful to the server or other players in any way, shape, or form. it simply allowed users to always be able to use their favorite trailer from the trailer browser and store them in their garages. there was no change to the rules to reflect this. players weren't notified that such support was being dropped. we were all just expected to "deal with it" and sit around and ponder why our trailers keep kicking us from the server as the staff team just gives us the middle finger. way to go guys, you completely isolated an entire portion of your player base by effectively telling them to piss off and not explain why. first you dropped support for custom trailer skins. then you dropped support for custom trailer cargo. and now you dropped support for both save edited trailers and local trailer mods. 

Purely out of disapproval: who ever decided/approved doing this update was a good idea is a grade-A moron. 

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Plain save edited trailers are not the issue, I have been on TruckersMP since the update with a save edited trailer and there was no issue. The reason you are being kicked is due to local only mods now being fully banned, primarily due to the previous exception being abused to use mods which caused issues - this decision is not going to be reverted.


In order to use your trailers again on TruckersMP, please remove any/all /home accessories from your trailers.


As this decision is not being reverted, I will reject this suggestion.


Kind Regards,


Vice Project Manager

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