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Register game.



Hello ! I bought this morning American Truck Simulator . I played 2 hours . When I'm trying to play American Truck Simulator multiplayer it says that I need to register the game . I'm waiting for 2 hours to check the game on my TruckersMP account. It says that they are checking now but I't been 2 hours since I pressed check games . I forgot to mention that my steam profile is on public . Can someone help me? I'm tired of waiting .ats.thumb.JPG.7442519b061fa6738c885acb1a923d8d.JPG

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Dear @Aleo


Please follow this screenshot http://prntscr.com/j4gkew .You need to have your profile and game details set to public, so that we can verify you have ETS2/ATS in your library and have at least 2 hours on it. You also need to uncheck.“Always keep my total playtime private”.


As I can see your profile is not full Public because I don't see your games and how many hours did you play


Let me know if this fixed your problem, please.


Thank you.


Best regards.


Dominik (iFlufy)

TruckersMP Support

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Hello there,


Good to hear it is now working for you.

If you have any issues in the future, feel free to create another post here in the help section.

Alternatively, you can also message me or another member of Support.


Thank you to everyone for participating in this post.


Have a nice day.


//locked and moved to solved

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