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  1. Aleo

    Register game.

    It's done guys . I tried to log in TruckersMP ATS and worked . Thank you !
  2. Aleo

    Register game.

    No . I'm waiting for circa 30 minutes and nothing happened .
  3. Aleo

    Register game.

    Thanks guys . I didn't saw that I had Game details on private . I did all that and now I'm waiting . I'll come later with an update .
  4. Hello ! I bought this morning American Truck Simulator . I played 2 hours . When I'm trying to play American Truck Simulator multiplayer it says that I need to register the game . I'm waiting for 2 hours to check the game on my TruckersMP account. It says that they are checking now but I't been 2 hours since I pressed check games . I forgot to mention that my steam profile is on public . Can someone help me? I'm tired of waiting .
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