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Im invisible to players?


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i took a load which was going into Scandinavian from Finland, while driving around in Finland to the port i had no issues with players being able to see me, but after entering Scandinavian players where able to drive through me, like i was invisible to them after getting driven through several times i restarted the game, but the problem still persist, so i f7ed to the service and asked a guy if he could see me, to which he replied no... after that i quit mp and went onto SP hoping that would fix it, the game reset me to my garage which i thought was a bit odd. then i went back on mp, which fixed it for a short while, after driving with a new load for about 10 minutes the same thing happend, people drove through me but could see my chat messages of me asking them if i was visible..


i have no way of fixing the problem, restarting the game doesn't do anything


is anyone else having this problem, the game is basically unplayable :( 



BST 7:40am


so i started up MP after an update on the servers hoping that would have fixed the problem, i loaded in and left the service station, in the city people could see me so i went out on the motorway where people could also still see me and would actually pass me rather then go through me lol, so for the moment i think its fixed, touch wood.


if anything changes i will update this.


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Hi there,


We believe this issue is caused by your connection to the server and not a bug on our end. If this persists to be an issue, please contact our support team over at https://truckersmp.com/support and may hopefully resolve the issue.


//Won't fix

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