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Strange FOV and quality issues



Hi, my game was working fine today until I restarted my game to enable console, because there were no jobs available on my game, after relaunching my game and resetting the economy, I found that my FOV and resolution had gone weird https://i.gyazo.com/7e4cce96d173062514706a42bcf827d1.jpg I cant work out why, I have tried reinstalling the game, and deleting my ETS 2 folder in documents, thanks for any help.

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Hi samsterminator,


Could you take a screenshot of your graphics settings page and post it here.


Possible solution: 

Go in-game press F4 and select reset defaults.


More detailed solution:


1. Right click your desktop

2. Go to Display Settings

3. Select "Advanced Display Settings" (If needed - Make a note of the current resolution)

4. Choose the resolution 1280 X 720

5. Launch ETS2.

6. Go to the ETS2 settings and ensure the resolution is set to your default monitor settings (native resolution) (or reset default settings)

7. Exit ETS2

8. Now follow the same instructions to set your display resolution back to your original screen resolution via windows.


Try these two solutions for now and I will work on finding a more complex solution if this does not work. Please let us know regarding your outcome. 



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