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Problem with kick server



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Try doing what EnLight said:

On 12/7/2018 at 1:56 PM, EnLight said:



Caravans are not allowed to be driven with trucks. You will automatically be kicked. 


Ensure to cancel the caravan job and then reconnect to TruckersMP. 


Additionally, if you selected a Quick Job, you'll either need to select lower paid ones where you don't pull a Caravan or you'll have to play in singleplayer until you can afford an own truck.


~ MrJonton01

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Hi all


This topic has been inactive for 2 more days,due to this i will have to move this topic to appropriate section

If you still need any help,create a new topic or contact us directly by submitting a support ticket:https://www.truckersmp.com/support


//Locked  and Moved to Unsolved

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