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Name: Real Sound Scania R 420 DC12.420 Euro 5 Engine Voice Records.

Description: This is a Sound Mod made by Vasily EVR that makes the old scania’s “420hp engine” actually sound like a REAL LIFE 420hp Scania engine. It’s amazing! Actually revamps all sounds of the scania! It’s mind blowing! It installs just like the Engine Sound Plugin that makes turbos louder and then is enabled in the mod


Links: (All posts / videos created by Engine Voice Records ) https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=211&t=233480


EVR’s Website(s): https://enginevoicerecords.blogspot.com/?m=1


Why?: Why wouldn’t this be added! We want realism. Not fake sounds like Instagram models who look like Barbie dolls! I’ve been playing this game for a long time now. I just seriously hate these sounds! This mod gives a soothing realistic scania sound to your ears! Not only scania! There’s more! There’s Daf engine sound and a MAN sound too all for free! These all give soothing realism with the comforting sound changes! It makes you feel like you are a real truck. Why don’t we already have this! Us truckers want realism. Not imprisonment inside the stock truck sounds that have been changed so much by SCS they don’t even sound like trucks! Allow us truckers who seek comfort and realism to enjoy this mod! Without it... We will never have realism.



Edit: I seriously hope this doesn’t take 3 years just to be even looked at. (Like most suggestions). 


Edit 2: Been a long time, Still ignored. Found out there is a soundcloud too. This is music to your ears and especially shows why it should be added.



Edit 3: Another thing popped in my head, Adding Engine Voice Records means more people playing TruckersMP.

People play single player for the mods. Some only play just for the sound mods because SCS just didn’t do them correctly. 

That means the people who only play for sound mods, Would come over and play TruckersMP because who really wants to play alone unless they have a reason to play alone. 

(Said reason would be the unrealistic SCS sounds)

Also, Since most of the EVR Sounds are paid for, That means more money for EVR which means they can go out and record even more trucks.

(The sound mods I said before this are free. They are basically things to show you the quality of EVR. Seriously, Once you hear these in game. You can not go back to hearing the SCS Sounds. EVR Sounds are so satisfying.)

This is a win win situation. TruckersMP is happy, We the players are happy, And EVR is happy. 

I hope that this gets opened for people to vote for this to get added soon. 



Edit 4: Going to clear this up, These are not only Engine sounds. Engine Voice Records completely changed everything. Parking brake, Blinkers, etc.

This has massive detail.


Edit 5: “What if the game updates and these sounds become temporarily disabled due to them being outdated?”

1. Engine Voice Records are always 1 step ahead. They already had the MAN Truck sounds ready literally the day it came out.

2. Temporarily disabled due to it being outdated is something we would all have to suffer with until it gets updated. It’s a necessary sacrifice though. In the end, We would still have our sound mod and we would be happy. 


Edit 6: I have noticed the “Road to simulation” message on the launch screen. Road to simulation can finish if you add this. With this mod, The game is as realistic as we can get. 

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Hello @Lbs207,


Thank you so much for this suggestion, however, due to several reason we are going to decline it at this time. I use EVR myself in single player and I just love them and wish they were on TruckersMP. However, the application of this mod is not quiet practical at this time for multiplayer. First of all, each truck sound file is usually pretty large (~30mb) We can't expect all players to purchase and/or use these sounds because of that. That means there is no way for players that do not have this mod installed to hear sounds correctly. As in you would hear sound but they would hear nothing since they don't have the files. Therefore, that makes this completely impractical to be used. Also, one last thing, SCS is planning on changing and upgrading the sound system this year so hopefully things will get better on its own. After that and with some programs changes we could revisit this suggestion again.


// Rejected

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