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Double web reports filed

Guest Miyu*

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Topic Title: Double web reports filed
TruckersMP ID: 1594374
URL: https://truckersmp.com/reports/view/652494 and https://truckersmp.com/reports
Server Time / Date: 13 Nov 09:58
How to reproduce: File a report

Browser: Google Chrome


/ Videos:


So I filed some reports on the website a couple days ago. One of them accidentally filed twice.

I thought it was my mistake by pressing "Enter" or clicked the "Submit Report" button twice while I am not aware of that.


What happened is both reports are claimed by the same game moderator, one handled (I can't tell whether it is accepted or declined) and the other one stated "new".

So I commented on the report and say "Please delete or decline this report due to possible duplicate submit".


This time I carefully pressed the submit button. Make sure I only pressed once but still, 2 same comments submitted.

Even if so, the admin could just decline the report because I have submitted the same report before.

And the report is claimed by the same game moderator but he couldn't accept or decline it.

So maybe this is a website bug? And it is holding me a precious report quota so could you please investigate it?




I respect people's privacy.


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Thank you for taking you time and writing this bug report. Perhaps your browser submitted it twice due to latency of the network etc. We have mostly found this to be caused when the user has pressed the button more than once. With having investigated this, we did not find issues except for users action causing this, therefore we cannot fix it. Make sure you have a stable connection or click the button once and fully load the page. 


/Won't fix




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