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Recording Software Tip for AMD systems: AMD ReLive

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So I found out about AMD ReLive a while ago and have been using it for a while now. I think this is a great free alternative to OBS Studio or comparable free screen recorders.
You can tweak the resolution, bitrate and other quality settings really easily. For me the main pros are the fact that it's free and has no noticeable performance impact when recording at 1080p with a lower bitrate. Of course for high end PC's its not really an added value but for medium and low end PC's it's a great solution.
When recording with the lowest bitrate at 1080p the quality is more than sufficient for report purposes, which means having a lower end PC is no problem anymore when dealing with trolls.

For recording trips at high quality you might notice a small decrease in FPS depending on your PC but I havent noticed anything. I mostly use it for report purposes so I use a low bitrate so save storage space. Streaming and other options are also available.
So if you have AMD in your computer and are looking for good free recording software then I definitely recommend AMD ReLive.

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Guest schrute_farms

It clearly depends on your GPU and HDD/SSD, if ReLive causes FPS drops or not.

With my VEGA 64 Nitro+, there are no FPS drops using ReLive(144hz). When I use my Vega on a HDD on max. quality, it drops unlike SSD.(120hz)


In addition to that, when I use my old AMD Athlon x2 with Relive, there is NO WAY i could stay above 40 fps.When I use Fraps or OBS, I get 50-60.

It depends on your hardware. Some might work good with ReLive, some might not. Like all the other software, never use the recording software on the same harddrive like the game ur recording.


I dont see, why ReLive should work better with older systems than other recording software.

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For me most other free available recorders either resulted in significant performance decreases at 1080 and 720, or the resulting video was terrible (OBS records at what seems 5fps and I can't fix it after tweaking the settings endlessly.) Fraps worked well on my Acer with Intel Pentium (don't know specific number), but it doesn't work at all with my AMD Pc which is better in hardware in all perspectives. 

I took me ages to find out about AMD ReLive, I just never heard of it. It just works really well for me and is easy to use. I just wanted to recommend people to try it out if they had the same situation I had a few months ago. 


My PC is:

AMD 7860k with 4CPU (3.6GHz -> 4GHz) +8GPU cores (I don't use GPU cores anymore because I got a separate graphics card and plan on buying another CPU).

256GB SSD (C) + 1TB HDD (D/E)

Radeon 550 GPU

I thought it was decent enough to use fraps but it just wouldn't work without loosing performance in game. I don't know why but its just that way.


So long story short. I didn't mean to say it would work amazing for everyone but it was the ideal solution for me so that's why I pointed it out.

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Dear @Nicoduivel


Because this topic has been inactive for 14 days I am going to close this topic to keep the forums organised. Topics are started very frequently on the forums, so we need to make sure that the more active topics remain open for community.


If you have any question, don't be afraid to PM me :=)


// Locked and Moved to Archive.

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