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[REJECTED] How do we activate camera 0 in game?

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How do we activate camera 0 in game?

     Hello, @everyone! Today I will show you a very useful tutorial, in my opinion. First, what is camera 0? Camera 0 is a camera that primarily helps people who want to capture frames for filming, but not only. This camera can also be used for good parking angles. Let's go to the tutorial!


1. To begin with, we must have the game closed. If we have already closed the game, we go into "Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2", then open the "config" file with Notepad (right click on the file and "Open with ..."). ;





2. Then you need to look for the word "developer" and "console" with "CTRL + F", and replace 0 with 1 at both. ;







3. Once you've done this, save and get out of the file. ;


4. After entering the game, press 0 (not in the numpad) and then use the arrow keys on the numpad keys.


I hope it will help you! :)


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