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Suggestion Name:  Add a time limit on when one can when blocking before kicking

Suggestion Description: Today i was kicked by admin Keezome for blocking, i had slowed to avoid a accident and got knocked over by the car behind, as i pressed enter on f7 i got kicked for blocking, the admin had pulled behind about 15 seconds earlier. now i have a fairly unresponsive mouse which means it will probably take me 15 seconds to click the tow option in the first place this is slightly unfair, i propose a waiting time of at least 30 seconds before block kicking as it will annoy other players if they get kicked. 

Any example images:  https://imgur.com/a/vqlWJmd , https://imgur.com/a/VeLTprN


Why should it be added?: to save on the stress and frustration caused by kicking . banning for a short amount of time 




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Unfortunately such a feature will not be implemented. There should be a fairly steady flow of traffic therefore if you flipped you must move out of the way as soon as you can to let other players pass. 30 seconds would slow the traffic and create massive unintended jams. If your mouse is unresponsive, you can use the keys on your keyboard (Press F7 followed by key '1') which will teleport you out of the way to the service. 






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