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Update Double trailers rule

FernandoCR [ESP]

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Suggestion name: Rule about Double trailers in ETS2 needs to be updated.

Suggestion description: Rules have not been updated (or so it seems) with the 1.32 and trailer owning option. This one:

§5.2 - Server Auto Kicks


Double Trailers (ETS2) - Doubles are only allowed inside the Scandinavia DLC. Taking them outside will cause the server to kick you.


Needs to be updated, since now players can drive doubles outside of Scandinavia. It should be changed to let players know the new areas (an included map would be awesome) where they will be kicked if they try to enter with double trailers.

Any example images: The description contains all needed info.

Why should it be added: Many people don't know about the exclusion area and complain when they are kicked from the server. Others argue that since there are no rules about doubles outside of Scandinavia, they should be allowed everywhere in the map.

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