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[WEBSITE]Feedback Possibility


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Suggestion Name: Feedback Possibility/change... ( name doesnt fit too much ... but it just as exemple )...as long we understand the idea below...


Suggestion Description: Be able to make (2) different feedback at the same time.... 


Any example images: https://imgur.com/OGCiigY ( when trying to open up a second feedback ticket )... 


Why should it be added?: because if i want/need to feedback a decisions/actions made by an trial game mod / Game Mod / Staff.. etc... at the same time i cant ( *Exemple* ) making a ban appeal ..... ( refer to the imgur picture ) .... or i cant make 2 different feedback... wich i found really annoying.. i think a limit of 2 per persons could be possible... YES it will increase ( by 50% +/- avrg ) the answer time given by the upper staff.... and it normal. But it would be at the same time more adapted for me ( or other users .... ) i just want to throw the idea/suggestion... and i am looking to see if someone else have the same or similar issue that i have currently...




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