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[WEBSITE]Waiting Period to Delete Accounts

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Waiting Period to Delete Accounts
A lot of people are deleting accounts after they troll to avoid bans, and reports. A system to stop this could include a waiting period of 5 or 10 days till a "Request" to delete your account is accepted/completed.
This could be done manually, for moderators to look at the persons account and see if they have any reports outstanding, or it can be automatic, just like a timer, so you click "Delete Account", and it will not be deleted till 5 or 10 days later.

In many ways this is similar to the registration time limit (14 days till you can register again), but this is a more secure way of dealing with people deleting their accounts, because then it gives time for moderators to deal with the reports etc.
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Why should it be added
I believe this will help with ban evading via deleting accounts because it gives the moderators time to deal with the reports and act on them before the account has been deleted, and a troll has escaped.

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If a person delete their account they are unable to create a new account and they must wait 2 weeks to be allowed back into our game.

It doesn't block you from reporting them using the feedback system if you have the required proof.

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