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All information about Gear and Adaptive Automatic Transmission


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Hello M8's :=)


Today I will tell you all the information about Gear and Adaptive Automatic Transmission.


As a priority, I'll tell you about what is the Gear, Transmission and Adaptive Automatic Transmission:


Gear: A part of transmission - or you can say a toothed wheel that is used to transfer motion from one shaft to another (when it is in mating with another gear - on another shaft) and also gear is a just a part of transmission which helps distribute torque from engine, where as transmission constitutes the entire setup from clutch, gear, transmission shaft to the differential. ie every thing between engine and  driving wheels.


Transmission: A bunch of shafts enclosed in a system (housing) - with a number of mounted gears, clucthes, bearings etc. Motion is tranferred from Input shaft to the output shaft (that may pass through the intermediate shafts - to get required gear/speed ratio) with the help of gears. Clutches are meant to engage the different gears.


Adaptive Automatic Transmission: The 3 modes basically change the RPM range for the gears, ECO will shift on lower RPMs and Power will lead the engine close to the red band and then upshift. ( Example: Features such as Sport and ECO mode in cars depend on the this feature)


I'll explain 3 features found in Ets2 now:


High Power Mode: If you need to be told in a short and clear way, High power mode is almost identical to Sport Mode found in our cars. when you press the gas pedal in this power mode, your vehicle goes more use power than usual and this way your truck consumes more fuel than usual.


Normal Power Mode: If I have to say it in an understandable way, in this mode that does not force the power of your truck, if the more power your truck has, you can accelerate more without any using property.


ECO Mode: The term “Eco Mode” actually stands for the economical mode in the your car. With its button on the left of the steering wheel, its function is to alter the certain features of the truck mechanically. It is mainly used while driving so that maximum miles can be covered with a gallon of gas or a liter of fuel.


Note: These modes are preferred in automatic transmissions


Please send me a message if you have any questions

Best & Kind Regards,



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