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[FORUM][Forum] How was the problem solved?


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Suggestion Name: How was the problem solved?

Suggestion Description: Ask people who asked for help how they solved their problem; if they found a solution and didn't post details about it.

Any example images: 

Why should it be added?: To provide better service.


I've seen some topics where to OP said their problem was solved, without explaining how they solved it. I think it will be useful to ask them how they did it, before closing the topic. If possible, allow further replies only for the OP and forum staff after the OP said their problem was solved. Send them a reminder and allow them some days to respond before closing a topic completely. I think this will be especially helpful to people using the search function before opening their own topic.

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Asking users about how the problem was solved is something we'll introduce at some point in the near future. We might need to edit a few things from your suggestion, but something very similar will be introduced for sure.

Thank you for your suggestion!



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