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How to fix ETS2 Black Screen (Updated every time i find a fix)

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Hello! I recently encountered black screens and managed to find a fix for some occasions.


1. Your NVIDIA Drivers may not be updated

     Your NVIDIA drivers may not be updated than what is needed for the game to run. If you cant get to GeForce experience, go to fix 2.
     How to fix:

     1. Launch GeForce Experience
     2. Go to Drivers tab

     3. Click on Check for updates

     4. Click on update


2. Your NVIDIA services may not be running.

     Your NVIDIA drivers may be disabled or not running for a weird reason.

     How to fix: 



3. Reinstall game entirely. Delete everything associated with ETS2.

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If u have the same problem like me, just find your config file and change:
uset r_fullscreen "1" to uset r_fullscreen "0"
Game will be open in a window, but it will work at all.

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